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'Tis the Season

Show how much you "love" your business referrals with these unique Valentine's Day options.
"Spread the Love" Call for a quote; pricing based on quantity
Do you "treasure" your business referrals? Express how "lucky" you are with these Saint Patrick's Day themed products.
"A Wee Bit of Blarney" Call for a quote; pricing based on quantity
Old-fashioned enamel popcorn bowl filled with theater favorites.
"Deluxe Movie Time" Call for a quote; pricing based on quantity
Tasteful and elegant... champagne with chocolate truffles... the truffles are a delightful combination of white chocolate and dark chocolate with a
"Champagne Moment" A variety of champagnes available. Call for price quote.
Tervis Tumblers® 24 ounce insulated snowflake "Big T" with lid and straw perfect for hot or cold beverages. Cocoa and cookies complete the package.
"First Flake" One "Big T" Price: $35
Two Tumblers and more cookies Price: $60
Lime bark so tart your lips will pucker, white chocolate macadamia nuts, white cheddar popcorn, quart jar of mini chocolate chip cookies and gourmet
"Emerald Isle" Price $55 (as shown)
Sled delivers tasty tidings for the holiday season.
"Slip Slide 'n Away" Starting at $65 (as shown)
Festive wooden drum is a chocoholics dream!
"Holiday Melody" Price $80 (as shown)
Signature holiday basket, three sizes each filled to the rim. Ideal for office gift giving!
"Pa Rum Pum Pum Pum" Starting at $125 ($400 as shown)
You know what they say "what's good for the penguins is great for your recipient!" Smoked oysters, smoked salmon, salmon pate, hors d'oeuvre crackers,
"Happy Feed" Price $70 (as shown)
Nostalgic Wood Sled with metal runners arrives loaded down with assorted favorite winter munchies; tub of chocolate drizzled popcorn, hot cocoas, choc
"Holiday Toboggan" Price $115 (as shown)
A gallon tin of white cheddar gourmet popcorn, boxes of white and dark chocolates, milk chocolate stars, premium nuts, mini sugar cookies, peppermint
"Cool Runnings" Starting at $100 ($150 as shown)
Signature tower of treats, plenty for everyone to enjoy! Many items individually wrapped; chocolate covered graham crackers, poppin' pecan popcorn, ja
"Jump for Joy" Price $150 (as shown)


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